Making a living to be comfortable today, while making sure we are prepared for our golden years had been a huge challenge for us.

We cannot work forever, and we certainly did not work our entire lives to have a feeling of being short of our goals. Now when we are ready to slow down to enjoy the finer things, (as we are no longer spring chickens) it had seemed impossible to reinvent ourselves to ensure that we reach that “comfort zone” we know we deserve. THE GOOD NEWS IS WE HAVE A SOLUTION!
Can you relate?

We were brought up with the notion that a family and working hard was the way to create a successful life story. The full story however is in the bumps and turns that shapes the way. Fortunately, Peggy was a graduate with a college degree as a medical secretary and I had barely finished junior high.

We both had entrepreneurial ambitions, and as a result we were involved in a couple of business ventures together, which included an auto body repair shop and a household gift ware store in a heritage home. We were very happy with our accomplishments and successes, yet both ventures only resulted in average returns. The many years of hard work took its toll in different ways: on our bodies and our spirits too. When we eventually sold our businesses, we had to be careful with our savings as we were a long way from our golden years at the time. An opportunity to move closer to family in British Columbia became a reality shortly after in 2001
Fast forward to 2018 and Peggy was scrolling on her news feed when she came across an ad similar to the one you are reading now. She was invited to an online workshop teaching everyday folks how to start a digital marketing business. All you need is a computer, a WIFI connection, and a dash of faith. Here are a few reasons this was a good fit for us and our limited technical skill set:

✅ There is already a STEP by STEP SYSTEM in place where 90% of the heavy lifting has been done for you

✅ INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS THAT ARE EASY TO UNDERSTAND are provided. (I am NOT TECH SAVVY and I had no trouble following this ready-made blue print that launched our business)

✅ MENTORS, BUSINESS COACHES, and an entire COMMUNITY of like minded people just like you and me who are committed to success.

✅ NO SELLING involved.

We’ve discovered the possibilities of this opportunity are endless, and we’re not only enjoying our own success but we’re witnessing so many others enjoying the same. If you’re interested in learning more about what we are up to, we would love to share more information with you about it.

You can email or message us at any time ~ we’d love to hear from you.

If you would like to know more – comment “info”

Glen & Peggy
By Enrolling With Us You Will Learn
  • How to start your own online business, & gain the freedom of being your own boss
  • How to get started today, with no prior experience, & start making commissions quickly
  • How ANYONE can "plug-in" & get paid using our 90% automated system
  • How to find a product that people want to buy
  • What a sales funnel is, & how to create one that converts
  • What high quality traffic is - & where to find it
  • How to build a targeted email list... & MUCH MORE!
Peggy & Glen Harris